Words For Courageous Living

Each person reading these lines are in prison! Yes - in one degree or another, in one aspect or another, in one mind set or another and in one attitude or another.

Let me tell you the story of a bird that was also in a prison. It happened near Hamburg, Germany where a man found an unusual bird nest. It was a small tin can in which a full-grown cuckoo was imprisoned.

Apparently the can had been used by some smaller birds for a nest and the cuckoo egg had been left there in keeping with the custom of the cucko of leaving eggs in other bird's nests.

When the eggs hatched, the "foster parents" made the discovery. When flying time came all were able to leave the nest but the cuckoo who, at this time, was too large to get through the opening. Imprisoned, the parents had fed the bird and it had grown. Well, thanks to the guy who came by and made the discovery (and certainly in time) the can was opened and the bird released.

I think that many of us are much like the bird. We are never able to fly because we are not able to break the bonds that hold us. We are restricted. So, God has sent his son, Jesus, to our "forest"/ planet to free us - give us salvation. I speak NOT JUST of Heaven, but of total salvation - body, soul and spirit. Let Psalm 146:7 open your "can".

"The Lord sets the prisoners free."

Sometimes things happen to us and we continue in the same old, same old, outlook. May God (with your allowing) break the bonds - and give you freedom.

Let's pray

Lord we make prisons for ourselves by our actions and reactions. I ask that by your power this one be set free from habits, addictions, poor me attitude and "this is the way it will always be". Grant encouragement to this one in the name of Jesus.


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