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A number of years ago I was nailed for speeding. (Now, I want to "defend" myself by saying that I am really cool regarding keeping the speed limit.) As of July, 2006 my records show I have driven equivalent to probably 60 times around the world since I was 18. Yes, ever since I got my first car I have written down the mileage the first of every month. But back to my tickets. In Louisiana when I was in college I got stopped. In the high desert in California I got stopped and the recent time (15 years ago) driving south on Hwy 101 south of Salinas, California USA.

The last time - since I am much older and hopefully more "spiritually mature" my attitude was different. While I said to the officer, "Why didn't you stop the cars passing me?" He replied, "I stopped you." Yes, I know that. But to myself, "Officer, I just got caught in the fast flow on a freeway."

But to my real self I say - "OK, maybe my being detained was for a purpose and my only welfare." That made me feel better when I had to pay the traffic fine.

While I will never know the whys or wherefors in my particular incident. Let me share with you this true story of one who did.

This guy comes to an alley where for years he has parked his car. He finds a ticket on it. He fumes and fusses because there was no apparent sign telling him that he could not park there. Ne pays the fine and says "I will never park there again." Still, he does not understand. BUT a few days later he had the answer. During a windstorm a huge oak had fallen right across the place where he had for years parked his car. You know what would had happened if the car was there!

It pleases God (I think I can safely say) sometimes never to explain to us the reason for some of the happenings in our life.

Take for instance what you are going through right now. Yes, it may be hard to bear. It may be costly. It may be frustrating. It may be painful. It may be disappointing not to attain something right now. But, there IS a chance that someday you will look back and say, "Wow, was that ever a blessing." Well, one of my favorite verses is found in Romans 8:28:

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him..."

Instead of saying "Why" say "Why not?"

My prayer for you

It is comforting Lord, to know that everything that happens to us has to pass through your hand first. There are questions - like "why", but there are answers in God. Bless this dear one through a trying time, in the name of Jesus.


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