Words For Courageous Living

God is good all the time! Also, all the time God is good. God is not our enemy (unless in judgment we are breaking His commandments.) He desires good things for His children.

In raising my 5 children I wanted the best for them. (Yes, they were disciplined when necessary - but due, of course, to their actions.) As a father I was on their side. I would stand with them in all circumstances. In high school one of my sons was falsely accused and I appeared at a special called meeting of the school board to stand with him. Another son was falsely accused later in life and I was proud to stand with him at the D.A.'s office. This is the role of a loving father----to give and encourage.

There is a story of an ancient kingdom whose king had died. The ambassadors were sent to choose a successor from twin infants. They found the little guys sleeping. They looked at them and agreed that it was really difficult to decide which should be the new king.

Then they noticed one difference. As they lay sleeping, one had his fists closed tight; the other slept with his little hands wide open. Instantly they made their selection!!

The legend concludes with the record that as he grew up he was known as the King with the open hand.

I can say that, my friend, of the King of Kings - the Lord, Jesus the Christ. To us, his children, he is our Father with the Open Hand.

I like to be reminded of that when going through rough times. He is not my enemy, He, my Heavenly Father has an open hand in my difficulty. This encourages me to quiet myself and to increase my faith in that He does all things right.

The words of Matthew are appropriate: (6:33;7:7)

"...all these things will be given to you...Ask and it will be given to you."

My faith declares "yes" and "yes" I will/do believe. My Heavenly Father does love me and I don't have to understand what He is doing.

My prayer for you, my friend

I thank you Lord, that YOU are known as the King with the Open Hand. When asked, "How much do you love?" You stretched out your arms and hands (on the cross) and said "this much" Bless the Lord, oh, my soul.


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