Words For Courageous Living


I told a person recently that "Trust me, things will be OK. They will turn out for you." "Yea, sure" was the reply. Then I shared this story.

Years ago a fellow in N.Y. fell and broke his nose. He was really put out by it - complained - after all it detained him a long time. However, when he came out of the clinic he walked across the street to the Bronx Zoo. After he paid his entrance fee and walked through the gate he was met with photographers, interviewers, the press and some of the "important people" of the zoo.

"What's this all about?" Well, turned out he was the - like 100 millionth visitor (or something like that) He was presented with, among other things, a life membership to the New York Zoological Society.

In going home, he just had to think - wow-things do work out for the good. I though today was going to be such a bummer.

Yes, that is true. Now, you might not have broken your nose, but I am sure that there are some things in your life that - well seem like - the pits. You have delays, you have been hindered in going a particular way. It seems that "everything is against me". But, trust me, as I told my friend. "Things do have a way of working out. That is what God says. What God says can't be questioned.

Romans 8:28

"For we know that in ALL things, God works for the good of those who love him..."

My prayer for you:

May this one have confidence that the events in the future are going to have a way of working out for good. The high school boy's noise was bad in itself, but as a result something good happened to him. God, bless this reader in Jesus' name.


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