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I recall a story which I heard many years ago that told of a woman who lived in a Welsh town far away from any town. She was a very hard working person who knew little about the ways of the world. Living as she did apart from "the world" so to speak she was really in isolation. At a great sacrifice to herself, she finally had electricity installed in her little home.

A friend later visiting her remarked that it was certainly well worth it, wasn't it. The reply was a yes, but followed by "I switch them on every night to see to light my lamps. Then I switch them off."

I think of the great "power" that she had at her fingertips, but she continued the task of trimming wicks, putting oil in the lamp and lighting the lamp - which of course was at times very smelly. She knew what she had, but was not using it properly. Or, because of ignorance she was just not thinking that she could keep the lights on. Bottom line - she had the power there.

For myself, and perhaps you, also, my dear reader, there is a strength available to us all for the asking. Yet how many times have so many continued to do what they do in their own strength, instead of asking the Lord for help.

The strength of the Lord is ours for the asking. Yet there are many who continue to be "sometimes up", but mostly "times down". I speak for myself in saying that often I just "jump in" and later ask God "to follow". True, I could have done such and such, but Jesus could have done it so much better.

A good scripture would be, "I can do all things as Jesus gives me power to so do." (Phil. 4:13)

A good prayer would be:

Lord, forgive me when I have tried to do it myself. There is available strength/power from which to draw. I know you must be thinking, "Why don't they let me help?" For my part, I ask that this reader be encouraged and blessed, and on many occasions in the hours ahead ask for your strength. How anxious you are to hear from us. .. and thank you for that listening ear and that powerful arm.


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