Words For Courageous Living


Discouragement and a down cast spirit does not come from God. I think you know from whom it comes. Discouragement is a great evil.

In my library I have a very old book, in fact in the margin is written various dates back to the early '20s. I say this to indicate that I can not give credit to the author because the only credit on this article is: "-House"

"There is a fable called 'The Devil's Wedge' which tell that once upon a time Satan made a public announcement that he was going to retire from business and would sell his tools at public auction. One evening before the sale took place, many came to see what he had to sell. The chief tools were malice, envy, hatred, jealousy, sensuality, vanity, deceit; and in one spot lay a wedge-shaped instrument marked at a higher price than any of the rest. One asked the devil the reason of the exorbitant price, and he answered, 'Discouragement, the most useful weapon in all my aggregation of tools. It is worth more than all the rest put together. I can pry open and get inside a man's conscience with discouragement when nothing else avails me.'

Well I know that the devil has not gone out of business and he uses that weapon daily. That is one of the fiery darts. My friend, there is nothing for us in discouragements. You were not made for it. When it comes - put up the shield. Say "No way will I buy this."


(James 4:7)

There is something about after acknowledging that fact actually taking a firm stand. In fact, I have said out loud...."Satan, I smite you in the name of Jesus". One could continue by saying to the Lord..."Father, I thank you and I accept Your peace".

My prayer:

May this reader exercise their will - and resist. Give them the strength to do this. Make them conscious that this is a requirement on their part for action. It is also a promise from Almighty God. Thank you Lord for the victory by faith that I feel for this reader.


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