Words For Courageous Living


Many have shared with me that they are going through some really tough times. One - weakness; another- sorrow; another - just don't know what to do; another - when will my difficulties ever end; another - I am so discouraged, I just want to give up...(list goes on and on).

For all of you - and you, dear one reading these lines - BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD (Psalm 46:10) I do not take that sentence lightly. There is joy for sorrow, strength for your weakness, light for your darkness and comfort (real) for your burden.

However, as it is most cases, one has to "do something". In this case that "something".....is "nothing" Now that does not compute, huh? That which you do IS NOTHING. Yep, just be still. That in itself is difficult because everything around is moving so fast.

There are, my friend, in this world many uncertainties, and yet God says, "I am". He asks us day by day to rely upon Him, cast our faith on Him and trust in Him in all things. That includes the situation that causes you to be discouraged. But not trusting our own understanding is most difficult? Right?

Please do just what I have suggested. After you read this prayer, get by yourself and just be still and acknowledge and soak up the presence of God. He's waiting!

My prayer for you:

I am grateful, our Father, that this one does have the capacity to be still in a time of rushing. Life is so fast and everyone wants to be in the fast lane. In this moment of silence that will follow may this one know that "the Lord of hosts is with us".


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