Words For Courageous Living


How many times have I counseled people with the words, "It is going to work out. We're told, 'We know that all things work together for good...'"

But, let me put myself on your side of the desk. I KNOW THIS IS TRUE. My wife, Nancy, and I have proved this over and over again. Yet, when we were in the midst of the darkness, trial, financial difficulty, heartache, even flood disaster, etc. (you name it - can you identify yet?) we hung on to that phrase. It will work out.

For you, my reader, Paul (who wrote those words/ Romans 8:28) really said a mouth full, didn't he? May I call your attention to the wording?: He did not say "some things" He did not say "nice things" He did not say "maybe" things BUT ALL THINGS.

Also note. Not have worked out, or shall work but the phrase is in the present tense. All things work...

Just as many notes are necessary for music - that includes the discords and the dissonances - thus making up harmonious anthems and music that we enjoy...and just as many separate wheels and joints are required to make a piece of machinery work. So in our (your) trials.

George Muller once said, "take l,000 trials for instance. It is not 500 of them that work for the believer's good, but 999 and one beside."

My prayer

Bless this reader. I know you are conscious of their whereabouts, Lord. Give this dear one the assurance that things will work out. Even if they, at this moment have many doubts, fill their heart with assurance and assurance and assurance


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