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We were once on our way to a shopping center which was adjacent to a highway. In getting to the center I had just driven under an overpass. I knew all I had to do was to take the frontage road. (I had done this a number of times.) However, instead of taking the frontage road, I, by mistake, took the off ramp from the freeway.

That was not very smart - guess I was day dreaming. Anyway we had driven just a few yards when I noticed the sign YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY. Wow, "thank you sign". If the sign had not been there AND if I had not obeyed the sign, the chances are you would not be reading these lines now. For the driver - signs like that are most important!!!

Now, for the resident on this planet - (where you live for example) signs are likewise important. These signs that I refer to are not the physical signs posted along the road way, but SCRIPTURAL signs that are posted in the Bible for your being on life's road.

For me with the road sign my thought was, thank God for that sign it really directed me. For those signs in the Word, I also thank God that they are there to direct me. God does not want you, my friend, to make a wrong turn. So, He has sent His WORD. Not only is reading the Scriptural Signs important, but also allowing them to be interpreted and followed is important.

Just last week in driving in the country I noticed this sign "Road Does Not Go Through" That dead-end sign was important. So, you, my friend, may be heading in a direction that may not be the best for you. Search the scriptures for His direction. Listen. He has said (James 1:5)

"If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all...and it will be given him."

Jesus said that He was the way. That is not just for salvation but for everything between here and heaven.

Let's pray

I ask, Lord, that this one take the time to check out the direction they are going and the place they are going. As you can see "over the fence" or "down the road" please reveal yourself to them, in the name of Jesus.


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