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I heard one say, once, that we should take the LICK out of affliction.

That's pretty good, huh. Boy, do we have afflictions. They come in all sizes and shapes. Some are more severe than others. Some take the wind out of our sails, some blow us in the wrong direction.

I want to encourage myself (and you as well) to work on the "LICK" - let's lick it. Now when I say "let's" I am referring not to you and me, but to you and God.

Let me pass on some quotes that I have heard regarding afflictions. I don't know where some have come from...but I do know that as I try to see my afflictions from an "upward" view, I am encouraged.

"Sanctified afflictions are spiritual promotions"

"God may cast you down, but He will not cast you off."

"Adversity, like winter weather, is of use to kill the vermin which the summer of prosperity is apt to produce and nourish."

Afflictions are like knives. They either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle.

"A great deal of rust requires a rough file."

The Bible does speak to us about purposes of afflictions. For example in Psalm 119: "It is good for me that I have been afflicted." Now, on the surface that is not much on the comfort zone, huh? But the word has to do with not only physical sickness or disease. It is used of any and MANY kinds if trouble. God IS faithful and while He did not cause your particular "affliction" He will (according to His promise) USE IT. >p> Jesus, who is by your side right now, desires that you acknowledge Him in your affliction. Let Him, by his Spirit give you hope and A spiritual uplift - yes, by Him LICK THE AFFLICTION.

My prayer for you:

I ask, in the Name of Jesus that this reader receive the Divine Blessing that you can give them. May they knowledge your constant presence. I ask that you uplift, help and aid them "lick" where this one is concerned.


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