Words For Courageous Living


In London, I am told there is a house for, as they say, "fallen people". I suppose it is like a half-way house here in the states. Nevertheless, near the front door of this house is a figure of a child blowing on a dying ember. This motto appears:


While appropriate for the place, it is also appropriate for you and me. It represents the idea of HOPE. You see, as one put it, "Hope does not soon abandon that which does not promise well; it makes the most of "littles", it fans the spark into flame; it reflects a rainbow against the darkest cloud; it pictures tomorrow brighter than today.

"By its magic word fountains spring up in the parched desert, honey comes out of the barren rock... and the streams

of difficulties parts at the feet of the advancing pilgrim.

"Hope has something to offset every discouragement. It gathers the sunbeams from near and far and causes them to shine upon the pathway. It rings a bell of gladness in the dull ears of those who are struggling in the valley, weighed down by their crosses..

HOPE ~~~ what a cool, wonderful word.

I like the words of Jeremiah in Lamentations 3:26,29, "It is good that one should have hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord...there may yet be hope."

In going through a difficult time, one thing that will get us through is "hope"......and to believe that at "any time" things can change. Again, my friend, HOPE in God.


My prayer for you is may the level of HOPE rise like a buoy in your heart. Yes, there has to be a spark in this reader. May the Holy Spirit be the fan.


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