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My wife, Nancy, and I went to a local park the other day to have lunch. After we ate, we took a short walk - a walk that brought us to a restored train station - even had a caboose on a short track. I said, "Let's walk the track" Have you ever done that when you were younger? We did -yes, it was difficult, but I remarked (after slipping off the track a few times) that if we keep our eyes ahead, instead of on our feet, we will do better.

That, I am told is the mind set of a tight rope walker. Eyes across the way instead of on the rope. This is as true for one crossing a stream on a log. (Of course you do that all the time, huh?)

I know that many times one does pass through a turbulent stream of life. They must not get bogged down in the "present happenings", but must fix eyes across the way. That is the only safe way to cross.

The prophet Joel put it this way, (Joel 2:21)

"The Lord will be the hope of His people, and the strength of His children." also, "Fear not, O land, be glad and rejoice for the Lord will do great things."

So, my friend, eyes AHEAD, not down on present circumstances. That view will only cause you to fall.Yet, what I call "the down-ward" head/look is so easy. Our head just naturally falls to a down position, huh? To physically keep it up, one has to deliberately make the effort. The same thing is true with our "spiritual" head with our "spiritual eyes." Hard? Yes! Possible? Yes!

Let's pray

Lord, I do ask that this dear one cultivate the practice of looking up and over to you instead of down and at the heartaches and cares of the present stream. Life does throw us some unpleasant experiences. The pull of the world is hard, so I ask that you please favor this reader. Yes, looking to you the author and finisher of their faith."


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