Words For Courageous Living


There was this little boy who (with the help of his dad) made a small boat. There was a small lake in a nearby park so he took it there one day to sail. All of a sudden he discovered that the boat had, like, sailed past the length of his arm. He could not reach out and get it. There was a fellow walking nearby, so the little boy yelled for him to "help"

The guy picked up several stones on the shore and began to throw them "at the boat". This greatly alarmed the little boy for he knew that he would never get his boat back. However, after awhile he noticed "where" the stones were being thrown. They were not being thrown at the boat, but beyond the boat........consequently, each stone was making a small wave.......which actually moved the boat CLOSER to the shore. You see the thrown stones were planned.

You know, my friend, I think that that is like my (your?) life. How so? The unpleasant circumstances that come our way - those disagreeable situations - those "happenings" that just don't seem to make any sense MAY HAVE SOME VALUE after all.

I have found that if I wait I will see a Divine Plan being worked out. These splashing of the waves (of life's thrown stones) brought me into a relationship with Jesus that I had known before. .

My prayer:

God, in the name of Jesus, I lift up to you this reader at this very particular time. If they are being tossed about by unpleasant circumstances may they know that you are with them and that you will bring them to the peace of the shore....


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