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Years ago my wife, Nancy, and I bought one of our children a small guitar. Before it had been used much, I decided to tune it. Now, remember I had never ever touch a guitar. But, I was confident that all I had to do was to tighten up the set screw. That I did.

But it soon became apparent that another string had to be "adjusted". I took care of that quickly. But then when I tried another one - and put pressure on the string I experienced something I was not expecting. (You know what happened, huh?)

Pop - snap, came from the guitar, and from my mouth came "Oh. no." Later, I decided that there must be a lesson here to share with my readers.

A true musician strains at the strings of his instrument to make a sweeter melody. The instrument, if it could talk, would say, "Oh, no, not the tightening." But it is necessary for the true music to be produced and especially in tune..

I think, (no, I know) God often times allows afflictions and difficulties to come our way. Believe it or not, they do make us "better" people. There are times when all one can do is live silence, patience and with tears.

It may be that in the "tightening" of your life tears will come. Nothing wrong with that. Jesus wept. Weep - as it is the outlet God has given you. But after that, ask God to strengthen up your life

The words, "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10) I trust will be your experience through the strains of your strings.

May I pray for you?

Lord, this is a very special person. I ask that they experience patience and that as they "are still" they would know God you are with them. True, circumstances may not change immediately, but YOU in the circumstances makes all the true music.


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