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Many people are truly afraid. I have known people who were afraid to walk around the block at night. (and they lived in safe neighborhoods) There are those - some whom you may know - who are afraid of a shadow or noise at night. Bottom line: There are many people who have many fears - - and I might add, rightly so. There are circumstances in life which promote one to fear. We call them storms.

The story I share with you now is very old - in fact, you might have heard it. But every time I think of it, my heart is encouraged.

The ship was on a cruise. It was hit by a terrible storm. All on board were obviously quite afraid. One of the passengers noticed a small boy who apparently was not moved by the storm at all. The confidence of the boy was really noted. "Don't you think we will be lost and all drowned?" "Oh, no," the boy replied. "I've been out on deck and my dad is at the helm. My daddy is at the wheel."

When a Christian has a strong sense of Jesus being at the controls - there is a sense of peace that floods the heart. There is a security received. Even as I write these lines my wife and I are going through a storm. We are being hit on multiply sides and we feel we could almost drown. Yet, we remind each other that "our Heavenly Father is at the helm."

Since we have grasped that truth we hear Him say to us (through His Word)

Mark 5:36 BE NOT AFRAID.

Through your storm - or the one you may encounter soon - "be not afraid" Trust.

My prayer for you:

I am grateful, Father, that during a time of storm for this friend that they can have peace. May they acknowledging your presence and your power. Through it all may their situation be put in the lifeboat of TRUST. May they hold on to this reality, in the name of Jesus. -


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