Words For Courageous Living


Two children were playing in a field, when one noticed that the sun was setting. They knew the hour was late. One guy said, "Wow, look how far the sun has gone. Not long ago it was over those trees and now it is low in the sky." The other child said, "It is not the sun that moved, it is the earth. My dad told me."

The first child said, "No, the sun did move because I saw it and the earth did not move because I have been standing on it all the time. I know what I see." "Well, I believe what my dad says." said the other child.

I suppose this is a picture of mankind. One group says one thing, another group says another. And, you know, the same is true about the Word of God. It is what The Father has said. One stated it this way: "We stand on the same battlefield, pressured by the world of sight and pressured by the spiritual insight."

The phrase in Revelation states:

"..and the name by which He (Jesus) is called is the Word of God.

In New Orleans years ago I noticed on the front wall of a church: "The Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it."

My point is - what the Father says, I choose to believe. That goes for my living, my difficulties and my situation. God knows me, He loves me and He is concerned about me. Further, He will take me through it all.

Life does get hard. Someone said life is "hard by the yard, but a sinch by the inch". That is putting it simple, but probably doesn't help you when going through a difficult time. What DOES help you (and me) is the fact we have to believe the Father that He is with us. How do we know? Because He said so.

My prayer especially for you......

God, in the name of Jesus I lift up to you this reader. I ask that there be a "knowing" in their heart that what you have said about them is true and that you will never take away that word of encouragement to them. Bless with a HOPE in the WORD.


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