Words For Courageous Living


God cares about you. That is taken by many as just a trite statement. No substance. But, my friend, IT IS TRUE. His loving care is greater than a problem one may face.

I read once of a dad who had a small blind daughter. They were talking together when a friend came in, picked up the girl and walked out of the house down toward a flower garden.

The little girl did not exhibit any surprise or fear. Soon her dad said, "Aren't you afraid, darling?" "No" she said. "But you don't know who has you." "No" came the reply, "But you do, dad." That was enough

The little girl had faith in her dad's care. - It banished her fear completely. This week, as of my writing, I have a number of times asked myself the question; "Neal are you walking - living in fear or faith regarding several situations?"

There is an old hymn that comes to mind. (I say it to myself!)

Have faith in God, have faith in God

He watches over His own.
He cannot fail, He must prevail,
Have faith in God, have faith in God."

My prayer for you:

Lord, everyone needs renewed faith and courage, at times. For this friend I pray you will banish all fear of the unknown. May this one know that even though perhaps walking in a "blind situation" that you know of them. May their faith be as real as seeing these words and, yes, fresh as the morning dew. May faith be as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar, as beautiful as a flower, as sweet as a bird's song and refreshing as a cool stream on a hot day. May this one actually come to grips with the fact that YOU are with them - either rejoicing with them or weeping with them, because of your loving care.May this one know that kind of faith, in Jesus' name.


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