Words For Courageous Living


I was making a call years ago out in the country. I had not been there long, before I went with the family to the back yard. There were chickens everywhere. Over in one area was a brood of chicks and they were all pecking away beside their mother. The big hen was "clucking" and the little ones were following.

She would scratch and they would follow her example All of sudden the dog which was on the other side of the fence barked -at me, but the chicks did not know the difference. They immediately ran to mom. All during the barking (which I wish to quickly relate to your difficulty) they ran to and stayed with the mother hen. All they had to do is peek out from under the feathers which was their place of safety...beneath her wing.

Then and now, I say to myself what a spiritual lesson. If I belong to Jesus, the "dog of hell" can not touch me. I will be sheltered.

Now this does not mean my problems and difficulties will go away. But it does mean that I am safe.

Psalm 91:4

"He shall cover you with His feathers, and under his wings shall you trust..."


Lord, may this reader always go to You for protection. We are thankful that you are always available and will cover us and hide us, much like the mother hen protected her baby chicks. May this one have a measure of faith for this protection.


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