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There is an old story about a king who was crossing a desert and became very thirsty. I am sure that there have been times in your life when you were really thirsty. At that point you probably knew where water was to be had. It would be in your canteen, or perhaps down the road, etc.

However, in the case of the king all he could see was wrecks of other caravans, even skeletons of those who had, indeed, died of thirst.

So he cries out, "water, water". People in the caravan look to the sky - obvious no rain clouds, in fact, all they could see was the hot sun.

So then one in the party said, "We must let loose the harts." So they did - and these little animals ran in all directions for a moment. Because of their instinctive sense of water is very keen, they ran where a spring could be found.

The position of the pool was such that it would never have been found in the natural. So the caravan was saved - the king got his water.

Are you living in a hot, parched time of life. Is the heat of living getting to you with all the difficulties, etc.? My friend, I have good news for you. It comes from Psalm 42:1

"As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul for you, O God."

My prayer:

For you, my special reader, I ask that you have that desire for God IN your trouble. I thank the Lord for His refreshment of the Spirit. May as the hart ran and found the water, this one run to you and find living water - and while problems may not completely vanish, this one will be sustained by your refreshment.


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