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I recall many years ago when my family moved from the Detroit area to California that we stopped at some place - I think it was in Arizona (I can't recall where) to go into an underground cave. It was an awesome experience. At one point we were told to stay near the guide.

Before we left the lights were turned off (we were warned). We were to experience the blackness of darkness. It was something else. We only had 3 children at that time and Robyn, Kenneth and Darrin held our hands ever so tightly. I can not express in understandable words how dark it was!

That comment has stayed with me, "stay close to the guide." It was a true statement, for if one did not keep close to the guide they would certainly be lost in the middle of the turns, pathways and tunnels.

So, I apply that to my living in the midst of DARK EXPERIENCES. For you, my friend, "stay close to the guide" and things will be different. You will not wander off into a side area and be hurt. Getting through this world without a guide is impossible. We have the guide and we have the Guide Book.

So a pretty good statement would be:

"Keep your eye on the lamp."

A pretty good scripture would be:

"I am the way." - Jesus


A good prayer would be:

Grant this reader the abililty to stay close to you, Lord through life's darkness. Bless them in and through the circumstance they are going through. May through your Spirit they keep close to the guide.

In Jesus' name


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