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Years ago I was on my roof doing some repair. Heights and me do not go together. I have the idea that I might fall, and I don't think I would like that. Anyway, I am reminded of a little boy who was on the roof of a house and his foot slipped and he fell down the roof.

Before I continue his story let me tell you that very recently I did have a roof accident. Thinking that the chimney might be on fire, I climbed on the roof late at night.

The problem was since the ladder was not tall enough I had to stand on the top "shelf" while holding on to the roof. That did make it safe. However, as I threw my leg over onto the roof, the ladder slipped - - - and I was left suspended. (I'll come back to this story, but the first story continues.)

As the boy was sliding, he caught a rope and as he fell over the edge, he held on with all his strength.

Knowing that he could not hold on long, a man seeing the situation, ran over and standing under the boy extended his arms and shouted, "Let go of the rope. I will catch you."

The reply was, "I can't, I can't" Again, "Let go the rope and I will catch you - you will not be harmed." Well, the boy finally let loose his grip and dropped safely into the arms of the man.

In a somewhat similar situation, I yelled for my wife. "Nancy, Nancy --help" It did take some time because she was inside watching TV and any thumping noise I could make with the hammer in one hand - she could take for my doing what I had to do on the roof.

So with other what I will call "falling roof experiences" - which you might be going through now - I have to constantly remind myself - and you right now -that always underneath me are the everlasting arms. I am told that in Psalm 89:13 - referring to God.

"You have a mighty arm: Strong is your hand and high is your right hand."

Let's pray:

Lord, bless this one. May they let loose of that which they are holding on. The difficulties the problems, etc. can be released. May they be encouraged to turn loose and fall into your everlasting arms. May they hold less and less on their situation, and more and more on you. In you is their hope.


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