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I heard that two men once were standing near a river looking at the boats passing. As they were going upstream one man said, "I can recall the time when boats of this size could not come this far up the river." "Why not?" "Because the river was not deep enough" was the reply.

"Well, how did it get deeper?" "By blasting" was the answer.

Well talk about blasting. Have you had any earth shaking events recently? Have you experienced some great blastings? Don't we all? Well, I know, it is different degrees, but still blasting is blasting. Right?

I know from personal experience and from those with whom I counsel, that after one goes through such an experience they are made better. But I also know that no one wants or delights in these earth-shaking events. Blasting makes for a deeper more fulfilled life. This is true for the one being so shaken and for others around them.

This is seen in the fact that the capacity of the river for allowing larger vessels to make the trip was due to the blasting. No blasting, no travel.

The same is true with our salvation and our walk with the Lord. Because of His experience on the cross (blasting, as it were) we can navigate through this life to the next.

I guess where that can make sense for you now is trying to "look over the fence" (as much as possible) to a tomorrow. Again, from personal experience I can write that in looking over one or two of my more devastating "blastings" I can (now) see a victory. What I could not see when going through a difficult situation can now be viewed differently. That is what I want so much to convey to you.May we pray?

Lord, for this one at this time in their life. I ask that they understand a little bit better the "cross work" not only of Jesus but the "cross work" in their own life. May they put into proper perspective the hard in their hardship, whatever it may be. Thank you for helping this special person.


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