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It does matter what happens to you, my friend. Let me repeat. IT DOES MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. You matter to God. Can you believe that??? You DO matter to God. What happens to you is a concern to Almighty God.

I am not much on poems, however, recently in going through a rough time, the Lord let my eyes fall on this most simply put poem. It lifted my heart's attitude. The poet put it like this:

"My child, I know thy sorrows,
Thine every grief I share;
I know how thou are tested,
And, what is more-I care.

Think not I am indifferent
To what affecteth thee;
Thy wale and woe are matters
of deep concern to Me.

But child, I have a purpose
In all that I allow;
I ask thee then to trust Me,
Though all seem dark just now.

How often thou hast asked Me
To purge away thy dross;
But this refining process
Involves for thee - a cross

There is not another pathway
If thou would'st really be
Conformed unto the image
Of Him who died for thee.

Thou canst not be like Jesus
Till self is crucified;
And as a daily process
The cross must be applied."

The thing that keeps me going often times is the belief of what I have just penned. God does care about me.

So, the things that I go through -call it "crosses" if you will are known to God.

May I pray for you?

God, how awesome you are. How wonderful it is to know that this reader is known of you. You not only know their name and place of calling, but are aware of their situation. Bless I pray with the assurance of your promise of your presence IN IT ALL.


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