Words For Courageous Living


Is there any use in praying? Well, what do you think? When Dr. Luke wrote (Luke 18:1)

"Men ought always to pray and not to faint." he was saying a mouthfull.

I don't know what your attitude is toward the subject of prayer. Some hold a sceptical attitude. Some hold I just do not believe attitude. Others - well, maybe so, maybe not.

But men like Washington, Lincoln and others were among the "greats" who lived their lives in and around prayer.

I read once that "Prayer is a release of energy. No energy is lost. Often there is a mystery in the behaviour of released forces."

"The natives at the South Pole could not understand how Commander Byrd's radio worked. They had no conception of how the "energy" impuses pierced through the artic, tropical and temperate zones and across the vast spaces of the oceans. Yet it found its goal. It reached the TIMES office in New York. Is it not reasonable to suppose that energy released by prayer will also find its goal?"

When you choose to pray - that is to talk to the Heavenly Father - your prayer does reach "His office". Never forget that your prayer (for whatever or whomever) does reach His ears. That is established in concrete.

Then His answer is -"yes", "no" or "wait". It is that simple.

Another interpretation of our above stated verse is: "MEN OUGHT ALWAYS TO PRAY AND NOT TO CAVE IN." I like that. Words for courageous living is just that. Please, my friend, don't cave IN. I don't miminmize the difficulty you might be facing, nor the problem that you re up against. But I also do not miminize the "energy" that is IN your prayers.

My prayer for you:

Lord, bless this dear one to believe in and cultivate the use of prayer. Encourage them by your Holy Spirit to talk often to their Father in Heaven. Blessings will come from the heavenly office. Let this one really know (and believe) the words of Peter when he said, "My purpose in writing is to encourage you and assure you that the grace of God is with you no matter what happens."...in the name of Jesus.


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