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It is so hard not to be "anxious". There are so many things that prompt us to be so. Take a relationship situation - take a financial difficulty - take a marriage problem - take needing a place to live - take ...whatever and you have the makings of an anxious nature.

Actually, one does not have to think up such, life presents these setups for an anxious attitude. Yet, when I turn to the Word I read (Phil. 4:6)

"In nothing be anxious."

In what? In nothing. That means NOthing. Now - that's a heavy trip. No matter how great our trials, no matter how hard pressed our afflictions - God says, "In NOthing be anxious". In the context of the above passage the words continue..."in everything". So, if God means what He says, and says what He means - it is in everything. So that translates to when there is a car accident, when there is serious illness with a spouse, when there is lack of financial means, when there is the smallest negative thing, we are to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

My friend, He has promised us PEACE in the situation. He has devised a means that we not be anxious. That means is to present our request to Him. If you feel your soul in turmoil, if you feel yourself disquited, turn to the Lord. Say to Him, "Lord, I trust you in this situation and I will ask you to help me not be anxious."

My prayer for you

Lord, difficult is our station in life at times. The enemy throws so many fiery darts at us. For this dear reader, I ask that you help them lift the shield of faith and in NOthing be anxious. In the name of Jesus.


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