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Sometimes things happen to us that - well - just devastates us. Have you ever had that experience? You were just "sailing through" a project or an event and then - - wham! "it" happened and you were at a lost.

On a lighter side, I recall doing some really heavy duty typing on the computer. I was reall in it and going to town. (One ability I have is to be an extrememly fast typist - 120 wpm years ago ;) In my haste and in thinking far to fast on my project I hit the "delete" key.......and.......well, you knowo what happened, huh? All my typing went to the great computer in the sky. It was made worse in that I was not using any notes to fall back on. Being devsasted is not the half of it. What did I do? Well, I left the office for awhile to try and process my mistake and try to develope a game plan to re-do the pages of work. My idea was just to relax and do just small sections at a time.

In a somewhat similiar situation, the maid of Thomas Carlyle started a fire one morning with the only copy of a book manuscript. Now, can you imagine how he felt when his friend John Mill came to him and informed him that, "Your maid, by mistake burned your only copy of the French Revolution you wrote."

He was inconsolable for days. I can imagine just how he felt. But the story does not stop there. One day, afterwards, Thomas looked out the window and saw some bricklayers at work. It came to him that as they lay brick upon brick, so he could still lay word upon word. So, he began to rewrite the book.

You know, my friend, I take that to heart. And you can, also, in this way. When you are faced with obstacles that want you to quit - to give up - or just stop - well, sleep on your problems. Let them rest awhile. Seek counsel of a friend, above all, ASK GOD TO LEAD YOU IN A RIGHT DECISION to get back on track.

The words laid in Romans 8 have been typed several times for my readers:

"If God be for us, who can be against us?"

I want you to take that personally in a given situation that you might now be passing

May we pray?

I ask, God, that this one be given the spiritual strength and the physical strength to lay brick upon brick or word upon word. May they find by your guidance the will to rebuild what was lost or destroyed - be it relationships, situations or dreams.


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