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The story is told of a person who envisioned herself at the bottom of a deep pit. She looked around to see if there was any way of getting out, but in vain. Finally looking up, she saw in the heavens just above the mouth of the pit some bright stars. She steadily gazed at them, and as she did she felt herself gradually being lifted upward. She then looked down to see where she was and immediately found herself at the bottom of the pit once more.

Again her eye caught sight of the star and she felt herself ascending. She had reached a point near the mouth of the pit when she tried to figure things out, looked down. When she did she fell to the bottom.

Upon recovering from the shock she once again thought of all this and turned her eyes to the stars, still shining brightly above. Once again she felt herself being raised. Steadily she kept her eyes on the stars until at length, she found herself out of the horrible pit and her feet safely planted on the solid ground above.

It taught her a lesson. In the hour of danger and trouble deliverance is to be found only by looking to Jesus; after all He is the bright and morning star.

Matthew writes (1:21) "She will give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus - because He will save his people." This is what Jesus does

My prayer for you

Lord, I don't know from what this reader needs deliverance, but regardless I do know that the success of the deliverance is found in you. For that I ask your touch as this one keeps their eyes on you through perhaps a "pit experience". You are true to your word.


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