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Do you know, really know, that God is working out a pattern in your life...right now?? My hind sight is really good - I try to see a little in the future, but today's sight is rough. I say that because I do not always realize that God is working in the everyday happenings of my life.

To quote a DeHaan, "We see only the present and the immediate, but God sees the whole picture of one's life as it will appear when the last stroke of the brush has completed the picture. In this pattern of our life there are bright spots and dark backgrounds, all of them necessary for the complete portrait.

"As we pass through the dark experiences resemble a jigsaw puzzle. Here is a black piece, which seems to fit nowhere at all. It does not make senses. Here is a little brighter piece, and other sections of the jigsaw puzzle are dark, and some pitch black, and we cry and moan in these black moments.

"But by and by the Master will take all the pieces, which look so disconnected to us now, and carefully arrange each piece in its proper place, and then we shall see the complete work of Him who makes no mistakes...When it is all ready, we shall find that the dark pieces of the puzzle were as important in the completion of the full beauty of the pattern as the bright sections. The dark background will only bring out in bolder and more gorgeous relief the figures in the picture, in the center of which will be His lovely face, and around it the experiences of life over which we mourn now but for which we will praise Him then.

Well, true is the scripture:

"For we see through a dark glass now, and we only know in part, but then I shall know even as also I am known." (I Cor. 13:12)

My prayer for you

Lord, give this special reader the faith to believe in each piece of their puzzle life is necessary. We thank you that you do hold the future and you are guiding this special person through the present.


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