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Oh, to be still - wait and rest...especially REST. How this word, "rest" needs to embrace our whole being including our mind and physical body.

David said: MY SOUL FINDS REST IN GOD ALONE. (Ps. 62:1)

I opened up a book just a few minutes ago and out fell a small piece of paper. I do not know who put it in the book. I do not know when it was placed in the book but I do know after I read it I thought to myself, "I have to put this in my writing. There are people everywhere to benefit by its words." Here is what I found written on the small piece of paper tucked between the pages...and there is no author to whom to give credit. (Please read it slowly.)


To step out of self life into Christ life; to lie still and let Him lift you out of it; to fold your hands close and hide your face upon the hem of His robe;

To let Him lay His cooling, soothing, healing hands upon your soul, and draw all the hurry and fever from its veins; to realize you are not a mighty messenger, an important worker of His, full of care and responsibility, but only a little child, with a Father's gentle bidding to heed and fulfill;

To lay your busy plans and ambitions confidently in His hands, as the child brings its broken toys at its mother's call; to serve Him by waiting to praise Him by saying, "Holy, holy, holy" a single note of praise as do the Seraphim of the Heavens, if that be His will;

To cease to hurry lest you lose sight of His face; to learn to follow Him and not run ahead of orders; to cease to live in self and for self, and learn to live in Him and for Him; to love His honor more than your own; to be a clear and facile (easy to do and understand; easy and mild in manner or disposition) medium for His life tide to shine and glow through - THIS IS CONSECRATION AND THIS IS R E S T .

Yes, how I want to rest in the Lord. In that I will find peace and real life.

My prayer for you:

Lord, I ask that you grant REST to this dear one. May your spirit move upon them to let go and let you...in all the events of their life.


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