Words For Courageous Living


Among many things, I am a "cyber pastor" and many times to many people I have said, "All bad things are not bad things."

I have experienced that so often, and no doubt you have also In fact, just yesterday I mentioned to my wife, Nancy, "What I thought was bad really turned out good." What had happened was I had to get up out of bed, after soon turning in. I did not want to get up, but there was something I had forgotten to do. However, in walking through the dark kitchen I noticed that the oven light was on. The oven had been left on after removing the pizza earlier that evening.

There have been other happenings in my life of a more severe nature that have turned out for good.

I mention my automobile accident. Driving between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, La. years ago a drunk man staggered out on the highway. As I swerved to miss him I rolled my new Renault Duphine. It rolled 134 feet, but I went 143. (Probably out the sun roof.) To me that was very bad. Understood?? BUT the injuries compelled me to stay in the graduate school an extra semester. That was really great, because had I not stayed there I would not have met my dear wife who just arrived for the fall term at the graduate school.

I think we need to hear afresh my opening statement - all bad things are not bad things.

This is what Paul wrote in Romans 8:28

"We know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord..."

My prayer for you:

Our Father - may this friend find that true - today - right now. When the "bad" as we call it appears or happens. May by faith they rise up knowing that good WILL COME from the happening. We just have to wait with God and see. Something good is going to happen.


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