Words For Courageous Living


Don't we all go through storms? Some of us are in some terrible ones right now. You may be one of those. It is safe to say that if you are not IN one now, you will be. Why? Because that is just the nature of humanity. I would agree, that it seems like some people's storms are not as severe as others. (Of course, that is only on the surface, right?)

Let me tell you of a King who had wires stretched between the towers of his castle. The reason was he was in hopes of developing harp-like music when the wind blew. He was soon really disappointed. The breeze came but the music did not. He exclaimed, "It just doesn't work."

However, one day, before the wires were removed, there developed a big storm. The wind whipped the wires furiously. Then, suddendly, a magnificent melody was heard. IT WAS JUST HARP-LIKE MUSIC.

Wow - is that a "lightning rod thought"? My friend, without any storms, without any challenges, without any trials, without any tests, your life would produce little recognized music. I am typing these words from experience, not just "hear say". But when the winds of difficulty draw you taunt - and you may think to the breaking point........God, I just can't take much more....... music will result.

My prayer for you:

Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that the difficulty that this reader may have at this time in their life, be used to draw them taunt so that a beautiful melody will be produced. Tune our life's instruments, Lord...and may this dear one start hearing that music in their soul at this time.


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