Words For Courageous Living


I was once asked, "What kind of a bird would you be characterized as?" I would ask you the same question right now. But before you take too much time thinking, let me narrow the choice down to two. l. An eagle or 2. A prairie chicken.

You know, the prairie chicken has wings, but they have to be scared into using them. As one approaches them in the field, they (as one put it) reach their "fear level" and take to the air.

My friend, God has given you faith. It is faith that allows you to soar over the various situations and obstacles that come your way (like what you might be facing right now!) and actually block your path. The problem is so many continue running on their own two feet, stumbling instead of soaring. Some even wait until the situation gets so bad and they get so desperate before rising on faith wings.

David said,

"He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle. (Psa. 103:5)

Take that eagle. Now, that is a bird that uses its wings, huh? The eagle has feet - walks when it has to, but IT NEVER WALKS WHEN IT CAN FLY. That is the bottom line.

May we pray?

Lord, I ask that this friend exercise their faith in you....and receive your blessing. May they, from this moment on, stop walking through their difficulties, and start flying over them - soar to the highest of heights with you.......in your name.


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