Words For Courageous Living


There was this guy, David, by name, who when crowned King at the town of Hebron discovered immediately that the enemy (the Philistines) came to him.

The moment he "got something", the enemy came to take. The way I can relate the story to us is that when your enemy comes to take, change his coming to a power within to you. Let me explain.

First, you probably do not have a physical enemy that is out to get you (or, you may have - it does happen) but I speak of the enemy like attitudes, behaviors, temptations, etc. When your enemy comes claim victory and power. You know the cannon ball is carried twice as far because the exploding power has to find its way through resistance. In short, power is developed by resistance.

The same with electricity. It is produced by sharp friction. So, I know, that someday we will understand that our "enemies" have actually been a blessing to us.

It is up to us to overcome - while exceedingly hard (you know that, huh?) it is possible through Jesus to RESIST

When we get something (like David - becoming king) we will have to contend for it. Like Paul we can say

"None of these things move me." (Acts 20:24)

I suppose the bottom line is "faith and works" Keep on keeping on and don't give up or give the enemy any ground.


In the midst of everyday happenings - some good, some bad, help this one to know that there is victory in Jesus, when the enemies come to take. I ask that, in the name of Jesus, what the enemy has taken from this dear friend, you, Lord, will restore.


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