Words For Courageous Living

I like the song, "He Was There All The Time". How true. However, when things are not as "we want" them to be, that fact is often overlooked.

The story of the poor ranchers who sold their land has been told and re-told. I am sure it has happened to a number of people through the years. This particular story has to do with a couple who lived in Oklahoma. The land they lived on was really poor - they were hardly making a living. Their children had moved as they grew older.

One day some men came and were looking over the ranch. They asked for a drink of water. It was given to them from a well in the front yard. The couple noticed that they put some of the water in a bottle. They then drove off.

Later they returned and encouraged the farmer to sell the land. The price was certainly more than they thought the land worth. THEY SOLD IT, but with provisions to remain for some time in their home.

Later the couple while looking at the well that was drilled in their front yard said, "Isn't that something? It was at our home all along, and we never knew it."

That must be the way God thinks or reacts/responds to our living. He is with us! He is for us! He is our Heavenly Father! He loves us! Everything that happens to us (+) (-) passes through His hand first.

With all his RICHES (not talking about money at this point) at our disposal, we often live as "poor" (again, not talking in terms of money).

Another song I like is "In Him We Move and Have Our Being".

There is a wealthy relationship available between you and the Lord. He is with you, my friend. It is like, He wants me to tell you this fact! The couple said, "It was at our front door and we never knew it." Rev. 3:20:

"Behold, I (Jesus) stand at the (your) door and knock."

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I ask that you reveal yourself to this one is a very SPECIAL way. While they are experiencing "this day" and the thought of tomorrow, may they experience the wealth of your presence and peace. In the name of Jesus.


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