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As I write these lines, about an hour ago the last of 20 people left our house! It was such an honor to have them IN our home. In fact, though their ages varied, they are perhaps the greatest and most important people in the world.

Five of them actually owe their life to Nancy and me. Who are these greatest people in the world?? Well, they happen to be our 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Yes, they were all spending the night at our house - - so with Nancy and me that made 22 in our home. WOW

It was so wonderful to have them all here at the same time - for that had not happened in a long time. It was wall to wall people!! When the last left, Nancy and I hugged each other and said, "Can you believe it!" Now it is just Nancy, me and the cat - I call her Fuzz Ball (you can probably figure out why,), Nancy calls her Noel.

But some of the dynamics that transpired between them and me is the subject of my writing. I know it can help you.

In the 2 day l night visit, I made a SPECIAL effort to take each grandchild aside - hold them - talk to them - and let them know how special they were. I wanted them to feel my hug of love! (How each one is unique.) And with my 5 grown children, I made a special effort to be alone with them, if just for a little bit. Whether in my home office, the living room, dining room or kitchen. I wanted to also tell them how proud their mom and I were of them. And, I wanted to make sure that they got a lot of hugs throughout the visit as well. For their spouses - I wanted to make sure that I talked to them and relay how proud I was that they were in my family.

Now while I consider them all really "super people", all of them have needs and desires. I singled them out to let them know that I CARED about them individually and collectively as an extended family. Here is the point that touches you. When you e-mail your prayer requests I take them really personally. They are referred to many times. But more importantly ----- God has singled you out. Yep - you, right where you are. Amid the millions of people in the world, he SEES you and is CONCERNED about you. He wants to put his arms of love around you. Of course, He sometimes has difficulty doing that because we are not still - but always running around.

When I finish typing these lines, I plan just to sit in a soft, easy chair and just let God love me. I want you to do that also - let God love you - even if just being still at your computer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and listen to the music on the "Where to Look When" page. The song is taken from Psalm 42:1, "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, Oh God."

My prayer for you:

Thank you, Lord, that you consider this reader a VIP (very important person) - whether they do or not. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that you love them and love them and love them. Thank you that you do, are and will forever...even into heaven.


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