Words For Courageous Living
Words For Courageous Living


I write regarding storms on the "sea of life" (really original, huh?). To do so, I tried to think of storms that I had personally experienced while on the ocean. One in the Mediterranean Sea. The liner that we were on was considered quite large - yet when it encountered the storm, we were like a small paper boat in the ocean. We were tossed to and fro...up and down...but the captain kept the liner on course with his hands steady on the wheel.

The other experience on the Gulf of Mexico involved a much smaller vessel. We were on an overnight deep sea fishing trip. All of a sudden a great storm was encountered. We were literally tossed about. In fact, I was ready to push the panic button. At one point during the storm the captain told me to take the wheel, it was the worst he had ever seen. Apparently he had to do something very important that took him away from the pilot house. He said, “Keep your eyes on that tiny speck of light in the distance and nagivate in that direction”. So, I took the wheel and found it was difficult holding the ship steady. The wind was fierce, the waves were pounding on and over our boat. There were times when I couldn’t see “that light” because of the huge waves. The captain finally returned and took over.

Perhaps you have not encountered a similiar situation, but I am sure you can relate to a ship trying to get through a storm. My focus, for this writing, is NOT what I encountered on the sea, but what was perhaps going on UNDER the surface. I am told that in many areas of the sea there is what is called a "cushion of the water". It is deep. While the surface is experiencing a storm and the wind is roughing the water... down deep...there is PEACE. Things are quiet. In fact there have been times when a sample of the ocean floor has been brought to the surface and there is evidence that no movement has caused any stir for years. With that peace and calmness in mind, I am reminded of Phillipians 4:7.

"And the peace of God, which transcends all our POWERS OF THOUGHT, will be a garrison to guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

Is your life (as a ship) going through and experiencing rough waters? Last week mine was!. I needed the peace of God - that eternal calm - which is like that "cushion of the water". It was deep down in my heart as I stilled myself. And like the ocean, that area is deep down. Strangely enough the situation I was in remained - it did not go away. But my attitude concerning it did go away - it changed with the calmness that the Lord imparted. In it all, one CAN experience a calm - down deep - that can not be reached by the outward trouble we experience.

Life is not always smooth sailing. There are situations that trouble our water. Some are caused by our own mistakes. Some are caused by the effects of others. And, yes, some are caused by the Evil One. Remember Job’s sinking story. Whatever the cause, the problem (s) are real and they can latch on to one like lead weights and pull us down almost to the drowning stage. But, here is the secret. Remember the cushion of water? Below the foam and below the chopping situations there is a place of quiet and a place of calm. Situations or problems gone? No way. Then why the peace? The presence of the Prince of Peace. Yes, He smiles and bids you place your head on the pillow as indeed he did on the boat that day on the Sea of Galilee. His disciples said, “Hey, Jesus, we are sinking” He was below with his head on a pillow. But he awoke from His sleep and did command the waves (of their situation) be still. He can do that right now for you.

I ask that you enter that place right now - that place being the presence of the Lord and receive the undisturbed calm. This might not change the storm, but it will give you peace IN your storm. That is the "bottom" line.


Lord, I ask that the storm be removed from the presence of this dear friend, if it be your will. If not, I ask that a calmness for their soul be given. May their inner man be quiet and at peace, in the name of Jesus.


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