Words For Courageous Living

Just this morning I read of a fellow who had to abandon his small plane over the Gulf of Mexico.

It seems that he was out over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico - viewing the sea, sky, clouds, when all of a sudden what was "so wonderful" turned into something horrible. The engine developed trouble - it began to "spit fire", a few small explosions and then it STOPPED. So, here he was some 5,000 feet over the Gulf.

He tried to find the shore line - spotted it, but he knew he could not glide that far with just 5,000 feet of altitude. Forced to bail, he climbed out of the cockpit, pulled the parachute trigger at the right time and floated down.

PROBLEM!! What seemed from the air a smooth and beautiful site turned into a rolling, heavy swell of water. He was not a good swimmer!!

The next 30 minutes finds him with frantic fear, shouting for help (as if anyone could hear), and struggle to stay afloat. He was soon exhausted - probably had not gone more than 1/2 mile when he decided to just "give up". He would sink and get it over with. "This is the end" he thought. He quit thrashing around in the water.

At this point as he sank into what was the arms of death, suddenly his feet TOUCHED THE BOTTOM!!! (Can you believe it??) It was a sandy bottom and he found that he could stand on it with his shoulders just above the water. He was on one of those long wide flats which run out from the shore line of the Gulf of Mexico.

HE HAD BEEN STRUGGLING in what he thought was his death while all along HE COULD HAVE BEEN standing on solid land.

Have you ever had such an experience? Like, a struggle and a strain over something that is turning your insides out with fear. Struggling with your thoughts as to how "you" can do something. God wants me to tell you to stop in your own strength and rely on His strength. In fact the word is in Deut. 33:27,

"Underneath are the everlasting arms."

My friend, drop INTO His loving care. Focus on the stability which He can give, not the turbulence of the waters around you.

My prayer for you!

God, I am thankful that your arms are so big and strong - and reach around the world - even to this dear friend. May they "drop their load" with themselves into your everlasting arms. And may they in that position hear your kind words of love and tender concern. In the name of Jesus


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