Words For Courageous Living

WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT. Those were the words I spoke to him as I held his hand. Again - another time, WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT, as I held her hand and reaffirmed our victory in Jesus.

I was impressed with the article that told of a George Leigh Mallory who in l942 with his party attempted to scale Mount Everest. After endring incredible hardships, they reached a base camp at 25,000 feet. From this point two of them set out for the summit, but they failed. Today, Malalory and his companion, a Mr. Irvine, lie buried under the snows of that Himalayan peak.

The rest of the party returned to England and told the story. One stated, before a large audience, and in front of a large photograph of Mount Everest, the difficulties and tragedies of the expedition. The speaker then turned to the enlarged photograph and "addressed the mountain".

"Everest," he said, "we tried to conquer you once, but you overpowered us. We tried to conquer you a second time and again you were too much for us. But Everest, I want you to know that we are going to conquer you, for you can't grow any bigger, but we can!"

I thought that statement was pretty cool. I apply that to the lady and the gentleman whose hand I held. Yes, together and WITH GOD we can conquer difficulties. For I read in Romans 8:37 these words:

"We are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

Enduring a situation from power that is on high is "lowered" to us through faith. As a child of God you CAN triumph over seemingly impossible difficulties.

Let's pray!

Lord, there are mountains that need to be "conquered" in the life of this on-line reader. There are temptations to overcome; there are feelings to be mastered; there are problems to be solved. In you are found the answers and in you is found the strength to carry on. Bless this one as they climb and overcome with you their Heavenly Guide.


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