Words For Courageous Living

I ran across an article published over 50 years ago in a paper called "The Wellspring". This article speaks to me about "keep on keeping on".

Are you in a situation where it appears to be the "same old, same old"? Then as you read these following lines - perhaps you can insert your life between the lines.

"Did you ever notice," said an old lady, smiling into the troubled face before her, "that when the Lord told the discouraged fishermen to cast their nets again it was right in that same old place where they had been working all night, and had caught nothing?"

If we could only go off to some new place every time we get discouraged, trying again would be an easier thing. If we could be somebody else, or go somewhere else, or do something else, it might not be hard to have fresh faith and courage; but it is the same old net in the same old pond for most of us.

The old faults to be conquered, the old trials and discouragements before which we failed yesterday to be faced again today. We must win success WHERE WE ARE if we win it at all, and it is the Master Himself who, after all these toilful, disheartening efforts that we call failures, bids us "Try again" James 5:11,

"As you know, we consider blessed those who have perseverd."

It seems to me, nothing can be really failure which is obedient to His command and some bright morning "the great draught" of reward will come to you.

My prayer for you

Lord, bless this one to "hang in there" and to know that you are with them. We are where we are at this moment. May this one make the best of it without complaining in the name of Jesus.


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