Words For Courageous Living

When I was around 16 or 17 my folks rented our house out in town and moved to the country. (I am not sure why we did that now - maybe to see if we would like it and perhaps to save money by growing a garden and raising chickens.) Anyway after we were there I finally convinced my dad to buy a horse.

A horse was found - named "Penny". Penny was not a completely broken horse and was anything but gentle! However, I somewhat mastered her and was able to ride. During the early days when I was trying to "train" her we experienced a really unfortunate event.

Galloping quite fast along side a barbed-wire fence (but not that close, mind you) I gave a gentle tug on the reigns to move Penny in a different direction. As I said earlier, she seemed to be a slow learner - I tried the command again. Instead of turning in "my" direction, she chose the other way and within moments I could see disaster facing us in the form of the barbed-wire fence. Sure enough, I only had time to lift my left leg up and over her neck while she continued hard ON the fence. Obvious outcome - an injured horse and a freightened rider.

Just this morning I read a similiar (though different in aspects) story of a cross-country steeplechase exhibition. One horse suddenly broke away from a hurdle and ran into a barbed-wired fence. Results were distaster ...rider taken by ambulance to hospital...horse, bleeding ensnarled in the wire. In this case the HURDLE (spelled in caps for a purpose which you will see) was actually a low one and could have easily been cleared, BUT the horse apparently took the fence to be an opening in the course and "escaped the obstacle".

I know that God often times puts "hurdles" in our path. These are difficulties which we (maybe you, right now!) must face. Problem is that most want a way out rather than to trust in God's providence.

In my experience, the tug on the reigns was to a complete freedom of the pasture. In the case of the latter story, the horse broke for the first opportunity only to find that he had become ensnared.

I guess the bottom line is that perhaps our present difficulty is far worse than the one we tried to avoid. While I certainly want out of the "course" that I find myself on, I want to be sure that the timing is right - that I have learned what I should learn - and what I apparently see as freedom is not a worst entanglement. I think Psalm 25:9 is in order:

"He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way."


Lord, I ask, that this dear one look to you for guidance before changing the direction of their life. Thank you that you know the future and we can be in the "Will of the Father". I ask guidance for this one, in the name of Jesus.


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