Words For Courageous Living

So one of my children came to me and said, "Dad, you promised....!!" My reply was, "I don't recall making such a promise, but if you say I did, then I take you at your word and I will keep MY word."

I know through life and even with you probably just this week, you have said, "I'll be there" or "Meet you" or "I will do such and such". These are promises we make to someone. Most of the time we do keep our promises, but there are times when we "break" our promises. Of course, it will not surprise you for me to say that God never breaks any of his promises. It is not that people expect me to say that because of who I am, but I say it because I KNOW IT IS TRUE. Someone claimed to find 31,000 separate promises of God in the Bible!! So I say to myself then everyone can find one for them.

You see, God is always true to what he promises to do. Like, in the Bible, He made promises to Abraham, to Jacob, to Moses, to Joshua and many, many others and He fulfilled every word of what He promised. That makes me want to take Him at His word. I read and accept in 2 Cor. 1:20,

"For no matter how many promises God has made, they are 'Yes' in Christ. And so through him the 'Amen' is spoken by us to the glory of God."

When my 5 children were growing up they believed everything I told them. Nancy and I tried to keep our word so they would grow up knowing the Heavenly Father keeps His word. But sometimes I am aware that parents tell lies to their children and then no wonder that the children grow up believing that everyone is false. (Satan never keeps his promises - he is a lilar and the father of lies and a deceiver.)

BUT, MY FRIEND, God's promises (made to you - that's right) can be depended upon. Someone said there are 3 reasons why that is so. (1) He is never rash in making promises, (2) He is never sick, and thus delayed in carrying them out, and (3) He never dies. How about that!

Well, the song says, "Standing on the promises that cannot fail." Take hold my friend.

Let's Pray

Thank you Father that you are there - with this special one - and that you care about what is happening in their life RIGHT NOW. May they hold on to your promises for provision, peace and direction in the name of Jesus.


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