Words For Courageous Living

There is a "half" (no...it is less than half) truth floating around. It is "God helps those who help themselves". The Bible does not say that!! (I think a better statement is, "The Lord helps those who admit their helplessness.") In fact, that is what the Bible does say is (2 Chr. 20:12)

"O our God...we have no might against this great company that comes against us; we just don't know what to do; but our eyes are upon you."

A line in an old hymn states, "Help of the helpless, O abide with me." My friend, without a doubt God's Word IS TRUE!!! It tells me that, "He gives power to the faint and to those that have no might he increases strength." However most think they can do it themselves...believing that God will help those who help themselves. Let me illustrate it. There is this little boy who is trying to move a large stone, so he can have a play area. He tries and tries...no success. His dad comes along - sees what is happening. "Are you using all your strength?" Boy replies, "Yep, dad, I am." "No your not. I'm right here beside you and you have not asked me for help."

In Paul's weakness he found strength he said. God does give power to his children. The prophet Isaiah said so. "He gives power to the faint and to them that have no might he increases strength." Lord, Lord, how I need your strengthening my weakness. I can't do anything on my own. How I DESPERATELY need your help.


Lord, it takes a strong person to admit that they are in need. I ask that this one recognize their weakness and ask to have your strength be infused into their being. As the Heavenly Father, please help them move "their stone" or the strength of faith to "sit on it awhile".


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