Words For Courageous Living

Is it hard to have faith when going through a difficult time? Is it hard, or is it hard?? I think we both know the answer. I like this poem:

A traveler crossed a frozen stream
In trembling fear one day,
Later a teamster drove across,
And whistled all the way.
Great faith and little faith alike,
Were granted safe convoy,
But one had pangs of needless fear,
The other all the joy.

I feel we need to really USE our faith. There is one thing to have faith and to use faith. (Difference?) One keeps it in the pocket the other stretches it out toward God, making it shinny. Again, we have to USE it to make it effective.

Pehaps it can be illustrated in this manner. The other day I went to the cabinet where we keep some silver trays and other things made of sterling. For a particar occasion I wanted a cream and sugar set. When I pulled them out they were - you guessed it - almost black in appearance. Almost instantly I recalled the words of a dear lady back in the eastern part of the USA who once told me "We always use our sterling silverware because if we did not use the silverware daily, it would tarnish."

I am persuaded that my faith tends to get dark without constant use. Strange fact is that almost daily there are situations where I have to exercise my faith.

We have just got to believe God's love and power more than we believe our own feeling and experiences. Heb. 11:3,

"Through faith we understand."

So, my friend, in it all and through it all, never put a question mark where God has put a period.

My prayer for you!

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus that if fear knocks at this one's door of their heart, you would send faith to open it and they will find that there is no one there. Keep their faith bright by using it daily in the BIG events and the little events of life's perplexities.


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