Words For Courageous Living

LIFE HAS PAIN! (What a way to start...but so stated!) Thank God that He is in our "pain" of living. My slant regarding pain is simply that we are subjected to it. And, who likes pain? Not me - I'll tell you it is not my "cup of tea".

However suffering and pain needs to be addressed in our lives. God is WITH US IN IT; God has lessons and opportunity for us IN IT. Yes, there is a mystery to pain. James states it this way in 5:11,

"As you know we consider blessed those who have perserved. You have heard of Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about."

The verse continues, "The Lord is full of compassion and mercy." As James tries to deal with the mystery of suffering and pain, he turns to Job. Job is just a "common Joe" By that I mean he married, he had children, he was blessed with prosperity materially. BUT he is stripped of everything. He tries to understand the "whys and wherefores" His friends are useless, his wife encourages him to curse God and die. HE IS ALONE IN HIS PAIN. He has, however, the dignity of his soul and his faith.

I once read that he developed three principles: (1) No necessary connection between suffering and his sin. (2) His pain will not be endless...his Redeemer lives and his deliverance will come in God's good time, (3) The power which holds him in misery is worthy of confidence. "Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him." So, my friend, it was in the strength of these 3 principles he endured unto victory.

If you are going through a of pain and suffering let me lay down these foundational stones upon which to STAND and be firm. While we can't solve the problem of suffering Job teaches us that there is no great thing accomplished without pain - worth-while achievement is by blood, sweat and tears. (Example: Jesus).

The other thing is that pain is not meaningless. He suffered for a high purpose. I mean by that, he justified the ways of God to mankind and to Satan.

It is a living picture of what Jesus would accomplish on the cross at Calvary. In pain which I feel, I lift my eyes to my Redeemer. It need not be meaningless. I ask God to remove the pain; if not I ask God to reveal his lessons and truths through it. There are those watching my reaction and response!!!!!!!

May I pray for you?

Lord, if this one is indeed in pain - physically - or in a situation that is "painful" I ask that you give relief in the name of Jesus. I ask that through it they would fall on their knees in their heart house and ask for the grace to endure for the Kingdom' sake.

Amen <

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