Words For Courageous Living

I have really terrible handwriting. Someone said I should be a M.D. not a Ph.D.! My dad, I recall tried several times when I was young to teach me to write. Now, talking about a beautiful handwriting, you should see my dad's. It was awesome!!!

I suppose the important thing about our handwriting is our signature. Again, I try to slow down, but it is hard. I have seen some signatures of people that look like just a straight line with a hump in the middle. But, the idea is that every person has a highly distinctive signature. It is "theirs". It is like personal record of themselves.

I recall reading sometime ago of a man who was confined to bed for years. During that time he read an article of a person who found among her grandmother's effects a paper with the signature of a very prominent political figure in America's history. It was sold for $25,000.

This fellow reading the article recalled that as a boy there was an old book on shelf too high for him to reach. In it he recalled there was a document. The book was brought to him - opened and in it he found the signature of John Hancok and five others who had signed the Declaration of Independence of the U.S.A. He, at that time, sold if for $51,000 and was able to relax financially for the first time in many years.

Would you let me guide you through a quick tour from the outer parts of the universe to the chair on which you are now sitting? It goes like this: "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament kshows his handiwork." God, with his fingers has created it all - it is, in effect, His signature. Then, lets move further down...to New Testament times. Jesus, with his finger wrote on the ground we are told. It is also like Christ's signature was upon his disciples. Now for you...right now! The Scripture tells me that he has engraved you on the palm of His hand.

Years ago at a service station, the attendant wrote the amount of gas and the price on the palm of his hand. This way, when we got into the office he had accurate recall of the transaction. Well, my friend God has done that for you. In fact, right now, if you are going through a difficult time IT HAS GOT TO HELP to know that God is aware of you. GOD, whose handwriting is seen every night in the sky, is aware of you and also cares about you. Maybe that is why we read in Rev. 3:12,

"I will write upon him my new name."

Not only does God know the way you write your name, he knows how you are writing your life right now.

My prayer for you:

Lord, I ask that you bless this one to REALLY know that you are aware of them. How important we would feel if the President of our nation, or the King of a country would call us personally. Well, this is the relationship this one has with you. That makes life (through a most difficult time) worth the living.


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