Words For Courageous Living

For a long time the "tallest of all tall buildings" was the Empire State Building in New York, New York, USA. That, of course, was changed when the Trade Center was built. Now, due to the horrible events of September 11, 2001, the Empire State Building returns to its position.

I have always been fascinated with the Empire State Building. Once I even rented a documentary film on the building. During the construction of the giant building this one guy had an opportunity of inspecting the building with the careful guidance of the architect who designed the building. After using several elevators they got to the top of the steel structure which was to be the TOP of the building. But, the guest was amazed that the steelwork did not fit at the joints tightly.

When asked for an explanation the reply was, "That is one of the most important things in the building. The joints were left loose so the building would be flexible. Up this high the building will sway back and forth in the wind. If it were not somewhat flexible the building would crack."

You know, my friend, we are somewhat like that building! The winds of life blow hard...really hard at times. In fact, they might be blowing very strongly against you even as you read these lines. God has so constructed us to be flexible. Our personality must be so composed so that we can adjust. My, there are winds of turmoil that hits us. There are winds of financial difficulties that hit us. There are winds of maritial situations that are not gentle. You name it...all those winds.

Yet, in all those winds, please hear Jesus say, (Mark 4:39)

"Peace, Be still"

He was addressing the winds blowing water into the boat that he and the disciples were on. Well, the winds might not be stopped in our particular situation, but his words are the same to you, "Peace".

Let's pray!

As the winds blow, I ask that this dear one not fight the winds, but ask for the peace IN the winds. Thank you, Lord, that you have so constructed this one to, BY YOUR SPIRIT adjust to the adversity. In the name of Jesus.


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