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I am looking at a page in a book which has 26 enlarged pictures of snow-flakes. Yep - that's right snow flakes.

The last time I took some young people to the snow country we enjoyed a good snow ball fight. I can't imagine how many snow-flakes it took to make a snow ball. Can you?

Even looking at a lawn covered with snow one can't comprehend the volume of flakes. I recall that all my children at one time or another have layed down in the snow - stretched their arms and legs, moving them back and forth, to create an angel effect in the snow.

So as I look at this page I see the most interesting and intricate forms - - - made by God - wow!! In fact, God says in Job 38:22,

"Have you entered into the treasures of snow?"

There is a lesson to be learned here. In the descent of the vapor to the earth it is frozen and descends in the variety of crystallized forms in which the flakes appear. Does this not lift your concept of the wisdom of God? There is the endless variety of these microsopic objects. Technically I am told, "the principal configurations are the stelliform and the hexagonal; though almost every variety of shape of which the general angle of 60 degrees and 120 degrees are susceptible may be discovered."

So, if it is true that no two flakes are identical - (so no two blades of grass or grains of sand) - God does not repeate himself in His work. There was a photographer that did photo thousands of snowflakes and he found each one different in design and all were mathematically perfect.

So, God never made two people alike - even in "identical" twins. You, my friend, are unique!! Our great problem comes when we start to compare ourself with another. Be in in looks, situations or difficulties. We must find our satifaction in Jesus. For our desperate needs, we have an abounding God. He will take you just as you are. He who made the snow flakes different, will take you and give you peace and contentment.


Lord, I thank you for this one who has been created in your image - and uniquely so. They are fearfully and wonderfully made, just as the different snow flakes. May they realize the treasure that lies in them, in the name of Jesus.


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