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I had to look up the word "CORMORANTS" in the dictionary. I read that it is a sea bird, having a long neck, webbed feet, wedge-shaped tail, hooked beak. To us in America we would refer to the Far East being a place where some species are used for catching fish.

It seems that it was observed off the coast of Japan just after dark that fishing boats would hang over the boat cages in which small fires were burning. (If you are reading these words from Japan, correct me if necessary.) These fires attract the fish to surface. Each fisherman manages maybe 12 birds at a time. These "cormorants" are tied with a string ending in a metal ring, fitted around the neck of the bird. The cormorant thrusts his bill into the water and scoops up a large fish which will go down his long throat ONLY as far as the ring. The fisherman then draws the bird back into the boat. The bird disgorges the fish and is fed a smaller one that slips down his throat past the ring.

He then dives into the water again to catch another fish. However, the amazing thing I am told is how these fisherman keep the cords of the, say, 12 birds from being tangled. You see the fish are darting this way and that. Some birds dart for the same fish and struggle for the same fish, but the fisherman manages to keep them all in order without fouling the lines.

As I try to apply this story to my life and my situtation I say, "God, I must not allow my lines to get tangled." It is difficult when we have so much going seemingly "against" us. I suppose what I find myself doing is threshing. The Word tells us in Isa. 30:15,

"...in quietness and trust is your strength."

Despite what we see, God is still in control.To get quiet IN HIM is to release our control and to know without a shadow of doubt that God has everything under control. He is working out everything in my life! If I can only trust Him and lean not to my own understanding I will not get tangled up in my own affairs.

I recall the story that was told of a woman who got a new job at a thread making company. There was a large sign above the workers seated at their tables. It read, IF YOUR THREADS GET TANGLED, CALL THE FORMAN. One lady ignored the sign and tried to her best to get the threads untangled, but to no avail. When the forman came he referred to the sign.... Maybe I should also!

My prayer for you

God help this one to know that you do have everything under control. It may not be the way they have "figured it out" or "think it should be" but after all there is only ONE God. Bless this one to be led out of a tangled situation into the straight paths of rightheousness for your name sake.


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