Words For Courageous Living

We use to have on our kitchen table a small box. Inscribed on it were the words, "God's Promises". Daily we would pull one small card out and read it - thus reminding us of the promises that God has made. That is pretty awesome that Almighty God would make some promises to me.

Spurgeon wrote: "Where is your casket of promises? Bring it out. Open the jar of jewels...Count over the diamonds that flash in that single jewel. 'Ask and you shall receive'; or that other ruby, 'All things, shall work together for good to them that love God.' Bring forth that royal (stone), 'He that believes shall be saved.'

"Then remember who it is that gave them, and to what an unworthy sinner, and tell me if they are not exceeding great and precious.

"When Caesar once gave a man a great reward, he said, 'This is too great a gift for me to receive.'- 'But,' said Caesar, 'it is not too great a gift for me to give.'"

When I turn to the Bible and read in 2 Peter 1:4,

"by which have been given to us (put your name there) exceedingly great and precius promises..."I am indeed blessed.

Spurgeon continued, "So the smallest promise in your casket is too much for me to deserve; yet the most magnificent promise is not too great for the King of kings to bestow."

That verse continues regarding the promises, "...that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature..." So, I am encouraged by God's promises to me. Even though I walk through dark days, even though I have really messed up, I say, "God, I am going through your box of promises...I believe!!"

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, it must hurt you for we, your children, by faith in Jesus, to ignore what you have promised. Help this one, to believe and to have faith that they are deserving of your jewels that are in the box (Book) of promises. In the name of Jesus.


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