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Up until recently I had a very LARGE magnet hanging over a small work bench in my garage. I say "until" because one of my children came home for a visit and wanted it for his son. He claimed that it was his when he was young!! Nevertheless he took it. He also took what was ON IT.

I reminded my son to always keep a piece of steel across the ends of the magnet. (My dad taught me that!) In fact some people place several things across the ends. Like one gentleman actually had a number of various small tools on his magnet. A friend asked, "What is that magnet doing?" "I am loading it up," the guy said. "It has been lying on the table doing nothing and losing its power, so now I am giving it something to do. It's gaining, It's growing stronger every day," and he added a small file to the clump attached to the magnet.

We also tend to grow weak from time to time. If I could liken yourself to a magnet - if we just lay around doing nothing, we will lose our strength. That is a physical absolute! On the other hand a person can lose their strength, (mind, will and emotions) the same way. But here is where deception comes in. You can attatch youself to negative things without even knowing it. Deception is that such is harmless. This is seen so often when a person goes through upsetting experiences. Instead of strength being built up, strength diminishes. How so?

Take the magnet. One pole is "positive" the other "negative". By placing a piece of iron across the ends, the circle of current revolves. However, if one places a object other than one that is in the iron family, nothing will be accomplished, because that item will NOT stay on the ends of the magnet. It will be rejected and fall off.

I see such a parallel between magnet power, muscle power and our emotional power.

It is so important to have the correct attitude toward things and people, so that we will draw and maintain strength. I read in Psa. 105:18 (a very old marginal reading):

"Iron entered his soul."

The reference is to Joseph who was put in prison. His feet were in iron. (See the two ends of the magnet?) He not only maintained his strength but got "loaded" (In a good sense, reader).

So my encouragement is to brush aside (with the help of the Holy Spirit) dwelling on - let's call it "tin things" and get loaded with God's view of a situation. While the enemy meant the jail experience of Jacob for evil, God turned it out for powerful good. He can do that for you, also.

My prayer for you:

God, I asks that your strength be infused into this dear one. May they reach out with both arms for a connection to you. Thank you that you reached out yours on the cross to embrace them. May your love flow from the cross to them and from them back to you...making a continual circle of devotion and strength. In the name of Jesus.


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